Advantages and Disadvantages about backpacks

Backpacks definitely is good for travelling. Backpack is useful for students too. Backpacks have so many varieties like wheeled backpack. Wheeled backpack can make your trip amazing and comfortable as you need not carry them during travel. As with all stuff, backpacks have some advantages and disadvantages too.

Advantages of the backpacks-
• Backpacks are not only helpful for trips and travelling but also good for school and college students. They feel comfortable to carry their belongings in backpack.
• Students can keep the books, notes, devices, lunch etc in an organized and safe way.
• Nowadays most people carry laptop in backpacks. 3: 5.11 rush 24 review shows that these backpacks are only for hiking but there is no stopping in using them for carrying laptops.
• Wheeled type of backpacks are really a boon in airports. Because it is giving the additional comfort to roll it rather than carrying it. Wheeled backpack can be effective in two ways.
• To see for yourself go and check out 5.11 rush 24 review in their official website. You will be astonished to see the positive feedback and reviews on these two backpacks and why people go for them again and again.

Disadvantages of the backpacks-
• The hydration compartment in certain backpacks can have problems like leakage and might spoil the contents of the backpack. In that case all your items inside will get spoilt.
• Carrying heavy backpacks for long duration can cause problems for back, muscle and shoulders too.
• Few wheeled backpacks cannot be properly folded back and are highly uncomfortable to carry on your shoulders.
• In school and colleges, if you are carrying the backpacks, storing them in the locker will occupy more space compared to normal bags.
• Backpacks are higher on the cost factor. At any given day they are twice costly compared to normal bags.

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