All about Hyperbaric treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment especially for the decompression sickness. And other conditions such as serious infections, air bubbles in blood vessels and wounds also will be treated with this therapy. But it will not heal if you have the problem such as diabetes and radiation injury. This therapy involves pure oxygen for breathing in a pressurized tube. By blood, oxygen will reach in the whole body. It helps to fight bacteria which are growth cells, and stem cell and it can promote healing.

Why is it done?
Body tissues need a supply of oxygen to function the body. After injured, the tissue body needs more oxygen to survive. Hyperbaric treatment increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. It temporarily restores the normal level of blood gases and function of tissues and it will promote to fight infections. Every medical institution have different use of hyperbaric therapy and doctors will suggest for the hyperbaric treatment if you have problems related to brain abscess, burn, decompression sickness, deafness, carbon monoxide poisoning, air bubbles in blood vessels, vision loss and much more.

Risk of hyperbaric treatment
Generally, it is a safe treatment and procedure. Rare complications are there but still there is some risk with hyperbaric treatment. Risks which includes
– Middle ear injury because of increased air pressure which includes leaking fluid and eardrum rupture.
– By air pressure changes can cause lung collapse.
– More oxygen in central nervous system can result as Seizures.

Inside the hyperbaric therapy chamber there should not be any items like lighter or battery power devices because it can cause a fire if it sparks. Additionally, skin care product and hair removal product should not keep because these are a petroleum-based product. Ask with health care team before preparing for the session.
Depends on the medical condition it requires number of sessions. But generally, it will take more than one session. The condition such as non-healing wound may take 20 -40 treatments.

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