As all know Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee you find in the world. The reason behind its high price is the production method used for making the coffee. It is also produced from coffee beans that are digested by cat like an Indonesian animal called civet cat. That is the reason why the coffee is also known in the name civet cat coffee or cat poop coffee. (buy kopi luwak) buy luwak coffee from trusted source only.

Civet cats are small mammal belonging to Viverridae family from Indonesia. They comes in size of 53cm body length and weights around 2 to 5kg. The appearance is similar to cat but legs are short and tail look much longer than ordinary cat. These civet inhabits can be found in Nepal, Southeast Asia, India and Sri-Lanka. They prefers tropical climate but also can be found in logged forest. Their diet is of small mammals, insects, fruits and berries mean coffee berries. The best side effect of palm civet is dispersing seeds by maintaining tropical eco-system by moving through the forest.
As said above they adore coffee cherries and lives on them. The flesh of these coffee beans gets removed in their digestive system. While the coffee beans or seeds of the cherries not get digested in the digestion process of civet cats. According to believes, this digestive oversight is behind the formation of civet coffee which makes it unique and special. Scientists they made a research about how the quality of the beans is not got affected in this digestion process. They found that the natural enzymes found in the intestines of civet makes this beans less acidic and bitter. Also the enzymes remove some caffeine and lower its total protein making a tasty Kopi luwak coffee. Purchase kopi Luwak coffee and taste the best coffee.

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