Analyzing The Reason Behind PlayStation 3 Slim Popularity

After the grand reception of PlayStation 2, it was fairly obvious that, Sony is not going to sit back and relax, especially when Nintendo and Xbox constantly pushing the limits. And that’s when they came up with the PlayStation 3 which was right on the money in terms of design elegance. In no time, it became the most recommended console for gamers all around the world. Obviously, there was room for improvement, the company, after putting some real work, introduced an upgraded version, the PlayStation 3 slim. This new version of PlayStation, packed some real punch when it comes to specification, and graphical capabilities. It looks awesome with really cool design, and a compact build.

Features of Playstation 3 Slim
Some of the standout features of PlayStation 3 slim include, 250 gigabytes of memory, build-in wireless network card, and an awesome build-in which can play your Blue-ray, and HD movie collections with top if the class video quality. One can access the PlayStation network to play multiplayer games online, and lots of cool exclusive game downloads Other than that, you will also be able to stream your favorite TV shows and movies in Netflix.

There are plenty of websites offering great discounts so make sure to check different sources before making the purchase. A lot many store will give you a good deal if you buy accessories along with the console, so if you need them, better buy it together than at a latter point of time, you can get most value for your money with such deals. Also, some stores offer discount on games when you buy them together, and be sure to keep an eye on such deals, I mean who knows; maybe the deal is for the game you were looking forward to buy anyway.

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