Do you like watching movies or videos from a streaming setup box. If you are person looking for a streaming setup box and if you are an Android user then, you would have undeniably thought of Android TV. It is quite baffling because there are too many counterfeit Android boxes buoyant in the market but only a few turn out to be really worthwhile.

When Google TV was blackout by Google a while ago, android platform substituted its position and was found to be more successful too.

Android TV – An absolute Smart Technology

Android TV, as it names convey is completely based on Android platform that is found in mobile devices but it is adjusted to work in align with the streaming devices. It has casting features like Chromecast. Generally, this device is used by the people to watch YouTube and Netflix but you can play games too using the Bluetooth controlling devices. One of the best android TV is NVidia Shield Tv when you are a lover of games.

Android TV Box – A new Technology

Frequently asked question among the people is what is a streaming box? There is no hard definition for Android TV Box, it is just a small TV box that is plugged to the TV either through online or local storage and adapted to work on streaming devices. It doesn’t have a standardized category but it is relatively android compatible with dual core processor which was a real breakthrough in the internet technology a few years ago. It can decode a wide range of video formats.

Android TV box have the same applications and functionalities like the other android devices. Since the android market is fast growing, there are number of fake android devices floating in the market but they are only lustrous. Out of it, only a few found to be genuine like the RikoMagic and G Box Midnight based on its good feedbacks from the users.

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