Beachbody Coaching – Are You Really Ready?

What do you want?
* Do you wish to enhance your level of fitness?
* Are you prepared to come up with a healthy lifestyle?
* Can you feel that a greater degree of fitness provides you strong advantages which are extremely valuable to youpersonally?
* Are you prepared to take responsibility to create and maintain changes in a minumum of one part of fitness?

* Are you prepared to spend at least three weeks to make improvements?
* Are you open and honest, and share personal information that’s pertinent to fitness?
* Are you prepared to become more self-aware?
* Are you really open to ideas and trying new things?
* Can you know that setbacks are normal over the route of change and essential to be able to set up new behaviours?
* Are you punctual and responsive?
* Can you ask for the help, resources or feedback you want from the coach?
What I personally, as your beachbody coaching uk will do for YOU!
* As your fitness coach, my role will be to assist you build a healthy lifestyle, and also the capacity and self-confidence to keep a healthy lifestyle. 1 step at a time.
* During a coaching inquiry, I’ll motivate you to spot your physical fitness eyesight, motivators, barriers, and strategies to overcome your barriers, and devote to creating a healthy lifestyle.
* I can listen to you carefully and without judgment or my own schedule.
* Where possible I shall ask questions and invite you to arrive in your own answers.
* I can promote realistic expectations and goals

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