Best Aquariums in Florida

Florida offers you a choice of various Aquariums to choose from, The Aquariums here are exceptional and they all show you the beauty of Marine Life. The Florida Aquarium, Tampa is one of the best aquariums in the state, having over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants spread over a huge area of 150,000 square feet. The X-factor of the aquarium is their Shark tanks which put you up and close against the majestic Sharks. Also, The Florida Aquariums offer its adventurous visitor to dive in with the Aquatic life and swim with the marine life. Another Aquarium worth mentioning in The Key West Aquarium, which is playing a major role in saving endangered sea turtles.

The Aquarium is associated with Turtle Hospital and Florida Sea Turtle Stranding Network all working in the nursing and rehabilitation of injured seas turtles. Around the Aquarium you can find various turtles and connect with them. Also, you can get firsthand experience in helping the turtles. In case of you are visiting Miami, you should check out Miami Seaquarium, the Aquarium offer various fun activities for kids, including Penguin Isle walk where you will find African Penguins or touch Dolphins at Dolphins encounter. Also, the Aquarium offers you a chance to dive in 300,000-gallon tropical reef at Sea Trek Reef Encounter. Another notable Aquarium of the state is Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is home to Winter and Hope, Dolphins from the hit movie “Dolphin Tale”. Clearwater Marine Aquarium offers a variety of educational activities. The Aquarium includes Shipwreck Alley, an underwater tunnel, Stranding Deck for the injured dolphins and Otter Oasis which is the home to North American Otters.

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