Water softeners have been a very important need because of the increase hard water levels. Hard water cannot be used for many purposes. Therefore, there is a need to select the best water softener to be used by you. There are different types of water softeners available in the market. Out of these you need to bring the one which is able to fulfill your requirements in the best manner. Considering the different types of softeners will be the best way of getting the answers to your questions.

Types of water softeners
There are many new technologies these days and hence many different softeners. Here are some of them:
• Salt based Ion Exchange: This kind of softener is known to cycle the water for household purposes through two different tanks. These tanks consist of some especial resin beads and brine. This water softener is known to work on the principles of ion exchange. This softens hard water by substituting sodium for other hard minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron.
• Salt free water softener: This one is known to generate a potassium chloride salt substitute rather than using sodium. This can be the best water softener as it uses less of salt and this is one of its advantages. This however does not reduce the minerals of hard water but prevent these from being deposited on various surfaces.
• Dual Tank Water Softener: The regeneration cycles in these water softeners are usually conducted at night. This is because when the water softener is being recharged it is supposed to be detached from the water system. Therefore, you may use this system if you require water services the whole day.

Therefore, this content may have provided you some very important details about water softener. Hopefully now you may be able to select the best water softener for you.

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