Bitcoin Bandit, The First Paid-To-Win Bitcoin Game to earn Bitcoin

New wave has made paradigm shift in scenario of parlor games when smartphone became popular among contemporary generation. This gave boost to the success of smartphone games, although the games were just played for fun without any profits or rewards. Invention of bitcoin brought revolution in smartphone gameplay when android game BitcoinBandit made its debut as paid-to-win bitcoin games which pays in bitcoin to play. This is a real reward-based game which can be a source of bitcoin earning apart from offering fun from its play.

What is BitcoinBandit?
BitcoinBandit is a game of skill, accuracy, and sense of timing the app of which was released on August 26, 2016 on android and iOS stores. It is the story of Bandit rabbit and his jetpack which yield maximum coins through various levels by averting all hindrances to become the King. The player in this game has to drive away the rabbit and his jetpack to avoid enemies and to win. This is a challenging game wherein a player is required to clear one level after another to catch the coins. A player also faces dangers of reaching near the cliff. The choice is available to terminate at any level if the player doesn’t want to proceed further. This is a sort of gambling game where a player has option to collect all earnings instantly or to take risk of multiplying or losing his earned money in the next level.
How bitcoin is earned?
BitcoinBandit is a Bitcoin game and the player has opportunity to earn bitcoin with its play. The game has training as well as tournament modes which enables a player to practice and to earn bitcoins. The tournament mode is available every 30 minutes for one game. The player has to collect coins yielded by Bandit which are transferred into his account and later converted to bitcoins. The earnings in tournament mode attaining the extent of 10,000 satoshis, the in-game currency, are automatically transferred to the player’s account. The earnings can be increased on the basis of world ranking in this game tournament.

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