Bluon energy, superior performance.

The only refrigerant that can currently offer total energy efficiency to your air conditioning or heating system either in your residence or in your commercial establishment is the tdx 20. If you make the decision to invest at this time in the bluon energy, then you will not regret it. If you are looking to replace the use of R-22, with the conversion to the refrigerant Bluon energy you will save costs compared to the conversion with other replacement refrigerants in the market. The conversion cost with bluon energy is minimal considering all the other advantages that this new refrigerant technology can offer you, your system and the environment.

The new bluon energy refrigerant provides superior cooling capacity, reducing the temperature and operating time of each cycle, reducing system stress and wear. This optimization helps maintain performance, improve performance and prolong the life of your entire system.
All these benefits are due to its formula. The bluon energy is a mixture composed of five refrigerants already used commercially, subjected to pruba for approximately six years to verify their effectiveness. These field and laboratory tests have helped to demonstrate its warming potential, the reduction in energy consumption and its impact on the ozone layer. The Tdx 20 of bluon energy will reduce the energy consumption of your system by an average of 20% during its use.
The Tdx 20 of bluon energy is the best replacement refrigerant that exists today, as it provides greater energy savings compared to the other replacement refrigerants that can be found in the market.
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