Buyers’ Guide into Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

If you have decided you’d love to adopt the complex appearance that free standing bathroom furniture may bring to your bathroom, you may now be wondering just how just how to go about picking out the perfect pieces for the area.

The first consideration, as always, is dimensions. If your bathroom is big, you must take into account the dimensions of each product and how it can fit in to almost any alcoves or spaces involving other fittings such as bathrooms or shower enclosures; even if your bathroom is small, you will need to get smart with your usage of bathroom furniture to maximise your room and – crucially – to make it appear more spacious.

You must be able to discover a tiny freestanding washstand of just 400 or 450mm across; among them might fit a petite countertop basin and could still give you a few under basin storage area. If your area is narrow, think about the thickness of your bathroom furniture. At less than 350mm deep, a streamlined washstand may be an admirably space saving thing.

Going for a slender thickness in all your bathroom furniture enables maximum freedom of movement around a thin bathroom. It is possible to make the room look larger by simply selecting free standing bathroom furniture units which are raised by the floor on legs. This will enable glimpses of a number of the floor where they are standing, thus providing the illusion of a bigger floor area all around. Units with sides which come right down to the floor inevitably limit the parts of the floor you can see, with the consequence that the space looks smaller. Sadly, you do not really get more storage space in this manner, but an optical illusion which makes you feel you have got more room is much better than sticking with a Gourmet bathroom, much easier than embarking on a costly rebuild project.

Consider the height of your bathroom furniture. Tall people desire tall furniture, and vice versa, whichever area in the home you are dressing. Washstands typically measure between 700mm and 900mm high: to remove aches and pains from stooping or stretching, select a height that is right for you. In the same way, consider ease of use when picking storage components: distinct items of bathroom furniture include shelves, drawers and doors at several heights. It is always preferable where possible to keep low-use things near the floor or over shoulder height, so that you’ve got space to maintain all of your normal use things readily available.


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