What’s CLA?
OK, so what’s this CLA thing? CLA, brief for conjugated linoleic acid, is a naturally happening fatty acid found in high fat foods like cheese and steak. It may also be seen in certain processed foods such as processed cheese. Not that I’m recommending eating food that is processed, because the quantity you’ll have to eat would far outweigh any potential health benefits of the CLA PILLS interior of the junk food.

CLA, commonly sold under the brand name Tonalin, gives the benefits of helping to burn fat more efficiently, while concurrently, helping not only to construct new lean muscle tissue, but in addition to keep!

How Can CLA Work?
Typical diet products out there help you to lose weight in one of two manners. Either:
A) The CLA PILLS makes it possible to eat less by curbing your appetite by either sending the message to your brain that you’re full (such is true for products including the South African plant called “Hoodia”), or by essentially being fiber based, in which the fiber in the supplement mixes with water which you drink, enlarging the fiber in your gut, and for that reason developing a feeling of fullness.
B) The product stimulates your central nervous system via a mixture of stimulant herbs (including caffeine, yerba mate, yohimbe, etc.), which subsequently warm your body up to burn off calories. This method is known as thermogenesis. People who are sensitive to alternative stimulants or caffeine should avoid using products that are thermogenic.

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