Daas -The new protection of your information

Some years ago, we did not have a method of retrieving information on the computer. In case it was irreversibly damaged or if we ran out of electricity and had not saved the information, it was impossible to recover the data and we had to start over or resign ourselves to losing it permanently. On occasions, they were stored in removable memories that were also susceptible to damage.

Currently, we have a cloud on the Internet to which we can send many contents of all kinds and get it at the time we want. The photos, documents, telephone numbers, etc., are placed in an organized manner and are protected from viruses and other agents that may damage them.

Cloudzen partners experts are the creators of a desktop application for the cloud, which they called daas, or desktop as a Service, providing users the guarantee of entering their content from any electronic device with a connection to the web and in a place where they are, giving them ease of movement.

With the desktop as a service, companies have the confidence to control the number of users in the cloud and the peace of mind that the emails will be sent safely. In addition, the contents are free of virus attacks, have a backup and constant updates, which are reported through messages.

Daas providers of the best data protection services in the cloud, whether public, private or data center because Cloudzen partners is responsible for maintaining control of information. With the installation of the application and BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, employees can download content and send it to the cloud in a secure way.

They have the ability to send and share files if they access the secure management of mobile devices MDM, which provides freedom of movement to the user and has a unified data center UDC, which gives the possibility of having many users with optimal performance levels.

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