Manga is the word been referred since 18th century by the Japanese. Manga means the comics and the animation cartooning and writing the stories of the comic. There are millions of comics which are in the market based on different genre and the stories. It had a lot of cartoon character and the TV superstar on which the most of the stories are based. Many super heroes like Spiderman, Mask, Pokémon, X-Men, Wolverine, superman and many more are there on which the most of the comics are based. Children are very much crazy and eager to buy these comics from the market.
Different genre of the Manga online in Japan
There are lot of genre and the themes on which the comics are written by the creator and the animators. Some of the genre which are very much popularand user can read manga are described below:
• Comedy: Comedy genre based comics consist of laughing and comedian characters. It provides a lot of smile on the face of the readers.
• Detective: Detective based comics involves the mystery and the detective character who solves that mystery.
• Horror: Horror are the comic which includes some ghost characters and horror stories.
• Sports and game: These genre comics have the player and is based on some sport and games like Pokémon.
• Science Fiction: It had many readers as it refers to some scientific facts and fiction. It also transfers a lot of knowledge to the readers.
• Business Commerce: It deals with the business ideas and some stories regarding and related to it.
• Drama: It had some characters which are based on some historical moments. Also, some stories are based on the Romance, fight and much more.
People can also find out the action and adventure based comic which has a lot of crazy and interesting stories.

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