Discord Music Bot: Enjoy the Music on the Server

You are certainly wrong if you think that Discord Bots are only for gaming. To increase you knowledgeability, you should know that discord can be used as music bots also. You can experience the best possible music with the Discord Music Bot.

Discord Music Bot
The music bot was invented with an idea to give its users an experience of a lifetime. With high-quality music and simplified commands, music bots are practically a boon for discord servers. Here is a list of music bot that will change your life on the internet.
Rhythm Music Bot
This is the most efficient and simple music bot. This was created with an intention to give the users a high-end experience of music. It is always available in its updated form. Thus you will never lag behind. The user commands are quite simple and easy. Once you setup Rhythm, you can queue your favorite songs on the playlist. You can also find new songs when the playlist goes empty. You can even change the prefix “!” to any character of your preference.

If you want to learn the lyrics of the song, Rhythm provides it too. You can sing along the song and enjoy the excreted web bot.

Node J.SDiscord Bot
This discord bot changes the youtube videos and plays in audio files. If you like a youtube video, you can command this bot to play in mp3 format. It queues up the files and keeps playing till the end of the playlist. It works on single server only. it is flexible enough to be customized according to the server preferences. It is run on Linux and Windows does not support it. In order to run this bot, you have to get Youtube API Key. Once installed your voice server connects with this dicord and is ready for playing voice channels.
TS3 MusicBot
You can upload music files, play music, manage streaming or direct playing youtube files. You can get this bot even if you don’t own a server. You can get a complete package and all services with this bot to install a server and play music. You can enjoy music while playing games with your friends. This is one of the best on Discord Bot List that is user controlled with easy commands.

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