Do Celebs Create Real Worth of Their Talent?

Celebrities are not all that fascination of glamorous world and those piling up millions and the billions from the glamour. History has enough evidence of celebrities sans financial net worth but worth of fame. One famous name is Pamela Anderson, one of the well-known Playboy Playmates and Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion of the world. The latter made huge net worth but unfortunately lost everything. It is usual that talent of celebrities is not sold but auctioned and the highest bidder makes profitable business of this talent. Celebrities do take advantage of this opportunity and sell them at much higher price they don’t even deserve. This is an unethical game for most celebrities to create enormous worth and they can do anything contrary to their talent for this money- making business.

Celebrities for fame
There is unexhaustive list of celebrities who don’t just run behind money. If you’re involved in social activities, you might be knowing Jerry Rubin, an American social activist, who became a successful businessman. Ruben also aimed to make quick money, but without breaking the law or not in an unprincipled manner. He wasn’t corrupt and was more self- thoughtful than he seemed to be. But jerry rubin net worth never met his expectation. He had a dream of big money, but was not willing to go a wrong way. Many such celebrities live in this world. If not wrong, Mother Teresa, a Nobel Laureate, was one of the legendary celebrity of the world who not even made a single penny with her fame. Her talent was her dedication towards the critically needy society and this is rare of the rarest examples in world history.

What’s the real net worth of a celebrity?
The data published about net worth of top celebrities is their heaped money, but where is the real worth of talent. Unfortunately, the real meaning of “Celeb” has corrupted and a talent is auctioned to the bidders against the highest bid, but nobody cares for that.

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