Dog Bitter Spray Guide

How to Curb Excessive Barking On Your Dog:
Dog traces as its method of communicating to the entire world. Your dog may bark to seek out attention from you personally or as a warning as it senses non-pack members of the land.
However excessive barking may irritate and lead to both kids and adults to shy away from the beloved canine. Thus, training your dog to bark is of extreme significance.

Do ignore your puppy when he/she goes to a barking match for no clear reason as any focus will reinforce the behaviour. Praise your dog when he becomes silent.
Do use a spray gun to spray water onto your dog if excess barking persists. This is to interrupt its behaviour and your puppy will associate barking within an unpleasant encounter.
Do praise and reward your puppy promptly after it ceases barking rather than ten minutes afterwards. Your pet won’t realize the reason behind the subject.
Do use an anti bark collar for more training whenever you’re not around and your puppy isn’t completely train yet in order to be considerate to thy neighbors.
How to Overcome Aggressive Behavior On Your Dog:
Dogs are social creatures and not naturally competitive. The reason behind a dog that’s aggressive is typically as a result of an ignorant or competitive proprietor who cultivates this behaviour through erroneous training procedures or misuse.
If your pet shows characteristics of aggressiveness, correction training must be implemented whenever possible to stop and suppress your dog aggressive behaviour.
Do socialize your puppy regularly with as many individuals as you can. Dogs which are constantly chained or burnt increases the anxiety and anxiety of your pet thereby resulting in more aggressiveness.
Do watch out for adverse action from different puppies (violent barking and physical attacks) that may further affect your dog.
How to Manage Your Dog Chewing Fetish?
What do you do if your puppy has an oral fixation and chew on matters that he/she should not be chewing?
Do utilize dog bitter spray and then use them to items like your own shoe to discourage your pet from chewing on things he should not be biting or chewing.
Do crate train your dog when your pet has a habit to chew up things at your house as you’re out.

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