Download Movies in HD: Disadvantages of Movie Downloading

For the movie lovers, the option Internet provides as download movies in HD is the best kind of thing. You can enjoy watching you any favorite movie at any place and at any time. You don’t have to face that struggle which theater moviegoers have to done. But like every good thing has some cons here are too. Here is the disadvantage list of downloading movies online.

Legal issues:
The torrent you download for downloading a movie is legal, but the content or the movie or any other TV shows you are downloading is not legalized to download. The movies have their own owners who have the copyright of the film. They do not provide the torrent file you are downloading. Some other gives the torrent files.
While you are downloading the torrent the IP address of your device automatically get stored in the peer’s section. From where the officials or the legal authority can get your address and eventually arrest you. Though there are different piracy rule in every country but you have to understand that download movies for free are not legal unless it is uploaded by the owner him/herself.
Download movies in HD quality matters:
The quality of the original movie, which you will get to watch in the film theaters or on the real DVDs are the best kind. But on the Internetsites, the movie qualities are very bad. Also, the sounds are not that crisp.

To download a movie you have to wait for a long time and sometime for days or weeks or even months. Which are actually not only equal but also worst than watching the movie in the theater.
Though the online movie download sites offer free downloads, but you need to have a steady Internet connection to get the movie downloaded at a time.
Rather than having such disadvantage and risk of downloading movies you can enjoy watch movies for free from trusted online sites.

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