Visitors wandering through a number of Canada’s biggest cities may be forgiven for assuming ottawa marijuana isn’t legal. Dozens of storefronts have sprouted up in Vancouver recent years advertisements marijuana for sale under the guise of medication, and they are becoming increasingly prevalent in ottawa and other cities.

The shops are all prohibited, but the possibility of legalization beneath Justin Trudeau’s Liberals has emboldened operators to enlarge and abandoned local governments and police forces uncertain of things to do.

What’s a dispensary?

Dispensaries are storefront operations that sell marijuana to clients who state they have a health need. Some surgeries require customers to supply medical documentation, like a notice from a doctor or other health-care practitioner, while others are less rigorous. The proprietor of Canada’s biggest series has stated he’ll provide as much as a gram of marijuana products daily to some adult who states they’re ill, with no healthcare documents. Some have onsite naturopaths, and at least one permits potential patients to consult one through video chat. Unlike the authorized medical marijuana program, which supplies just dried marijuana and oil, many dispensaries sell tablets, lotions, biscuits and other products produced out of cannabis.

Are they legal?

No. The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act makes it illegal to sell marijuana beyond the national medical marijuana program, which enables approximately 20 licensed manufacturers to offer the medication via a mail-order system. Ottawa marijuana dispensaries are now selling and getting it illegally. Some dispensaries have stated they get their supply from home growers that were accepted under the old national system, a lot of whom were permitted to keep on growing because of an ongoing court case. Nevertheless, those authorizations in Health Canada don’t permit those home growers to market the medication to dispensaries.

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