Facing Hair Loss after Pregnancy? Simple tips to manage it

No matter how much you enjoy your motherhood but there are always some factors that will trouble you. One of them is hair loss after pregnancy.

During pregnancy hair cycle stops and hairs goes into resting phase which is why you do not see much of the hair fall. Hairs after pregnancy go into falling phase for a couple of months, and later that cycle continues normally as growing, resting and dropping phase.

What are the reasons for hair loss after pregnancy?
At pregnancy estrogen level increases which in turn stop the hair fall. Estrogen is a group of female sex hormone responsible for feminine features. Estrogen is connected with loss hairafter pregnancy, some of the important mechanism of estrogen in female body are:
• Enhance hair growth on scalp
• Reduces hairs on body
• Give women shape and curves
• Smoothens out skin
• Regulate menstrual cycle

How to control it?
You cannot stop the hair loss after pregnancycompletely, but you can always try out different home remedies and hairstyles to fool around this temporary stage of hair fall.
• Stay Hydrated: Drink ample of water throughout the day to promote hair growth.
• Keep one hand distance from heat: Whether its hair styling accessories like dryers, straighteners or hot water for washing your hairs, always say no to heat. Heat damage hairs and make them frizzy.
• Try egg yolk: Egg yolk thickens the hair roots and prevents them from falling.
• Seeds and oil: Try out massaging your scalp with castor or almond oil once in a week. Fenugreek is also good to strengthen hairs. Make a paste of fenugreek after soaking it overnight and massage for 10-15mins. Rinse it using mild shampoo and conditioner.
• Exercise helps regrowth: Stress is one of the major reasons for hair loss after pregnancy. With new born baby, it’s very difficult for a mother to spare sometime for herself and this, in turn, increases stress.It is very important towork out and exercise on a regular basis to reduce stress. 15 minute of daily workout can make a big difference in your hair growth. click here to get more information http://www.arganoilshampooreview.com/.

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