Flameless Lighters: Single Arc Lighter Vs Dual Arc Lighter

Flameless lighter is nothing but plasma lighter that has emerged in the recent years with new technology in to the market. Smoking in the harsh weather conditions have become difficult for the users with the old disposable lighters and people today are looking for this type of electric lighters that are flameless and that offer various advantageous. But, many are confused of selecting the right flame lighter for them as there are two different types of lighters among plasma lighters available in the market such as single arc lighters and double arc lighters. Finding the best one among this has become difficult for the users. So, we have come up with the differentiation between two and for which situations they are suitable. With this you will get an overview of single arc and dual arc plasma lighters.

Single Arc Vs Double Arc Plasma Lighters
Selecting the electric lighter is not a big deal if you can easily differentiate between single and double flame lighters. Users select between these two plasma lighters mostly. When it comes to single plasma arc lighter, they are cheaper but they can’t be able to work on harsh weather conditions and temperatures. Whereas, the dual arc lighters are bit costly than single arc and will be working in any type of conditions. But, they both look cool and pretty awesome. Also if it is a single arc lighter, it can produce single arc in the small area and dual arc lighters produce dual arc. Smokers usually prefer the single arc lighters, but in order to lighten up a campfire or when the surface area is big, double arc lighters would be advantageous as it lightens the things easily. Both of them are fuel free as they are powered by arc technology and they are eco-friendly, non-toxic when compared to traditional lighters.
These are the major differences between single arc and double arc USB lighter. So, now it is your turn to make a choice between them as per your requirements.

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