Foreign domestic helper is a blessing if you get the right one

What do you know about the rights of your domestic worker if you have hired one from a foreign land? Many people are not aware of their rights. They are still considered by many people to be like the workers of the past. This is not the fact though. They are laborers under the protection of International LaborOrganization. Their rights are written and well protected. They are also taught their own rights and this is by fact the biggest guarantee against violation. Your worker is not in need of your pity; they are professionals, who know how to handle things on their own,

Your foreign domestic helper cannot be made to work anything else but what is written in the documents. This is to say that you cannot make them do things, which you did not intend at the beginning. Many people try to exploit the ignorance of the workers regarding this. The law completely prohibits this. You can also not leave your foreign worker alone with your relatives or friends. You go abroad and it is your duty to either take the worker with you or send her or him home. When you send them home you have to buy the air tickets as well.

You will need special permission if you are out on vacations and you are trying to leave the worker with your relatives. You can also not leave them with your children at your relatives’ without permission. You will need legal permission and the consent of the worker in this regard. In the foreign land, you are their care takers and the law is pretty strict about this. There are many such laws and you can learn about them all at the maid employment agency! This is all easy but you have to have a different mindset for your worker in the 21st century!

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