Running a successful business demands that you treat your customers well to ensure that they remain loyal to you and your business. It is imperative that you set up measures to entice them to your business. Owning a computer shop is a great business that can reap you good profits. The best way to grow your business is through diversification of your products and services in order to bring in more customer. You need to have the necessary knowledge to help customers who come in with different problems. Take for example one of your customers comes to your business with a laptop bought from your shop. They show you the laptop screen with an err_name_not_resolved error. It is very easy for you to turn them away especially because you just sell computers. Your next move determines whether you lose a customer or attract many more to your shop. It is wise to consult with your team of experts on the best way to handle the situation. Ensure that you advice your customer to back up all their data before working on their machine.

Consult widely to get the best solution

Once the backup is done, you can either fix the err name not resolved problem using information gathered from the internet or consult from your friends who are more knowledgeable in that area. Ensure that you understand the procedure before you begin. If not sure of the process, ask for guidance to ensure that you get it right. Follow the instructions given to help you fix the err-name-not-resolved on the laptop. Ensure that you explain to the customer exactly what you are doing. This will enable them grasp the concept as well as use the information to guide them in sorting the error in case it recurs. This will ensure that the customer come back for more services.

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