Hide your original money with the help of Bitcoin mixer.

Bitcoin is a new kind of digital payment system for digital currency and broadly known as a crypto currency. bitcoin mixer is a kind of secret service, whose main task is to confuse the trails from and where Bitcoin transactions take place. Bitcoin mixer is an excellent way to make your transactions and stay hidden. This is one of the best ways to hide your transactions while making payments, purchases, donations, etc. Bitcoin mixeris not exactly anonymous. But it can record all the activities in a database, which means the third party can easily trace your transactions. Bitcoin mixer provides the facility to exchange your coins which are not associated with the original owner of the money.

Methods to make your transactions private: Here some methods are available in the market through which anyone can make his/her transactions private, here they are:

• Buying: Very first step is to purchase bitcoins. For purchasing bitcoins, first, you have to provide your photo Id, passport, etc. Even at some time, without providing Id proof, they still link your bank account and allow you to purchase your bitcoins.

• Wallet: Now, create your wallet and keep your bitcoins there, for near future. Then use your wallet for your every hidden transaction. Such kind of wallet requires 80 GB of hard disk drive space to store.

• Mixing: In this step, mix your bitcoins anonymously. Open your site and click on the participate option, and then copy its output. The overall mixed value is equal to the sum of total output values.

• Blockchain: Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain, which can be seen by anyone.

• Selling: After mixing your bitcoins, you can sell them directly to any third party. After passing through the tumbler, bitcoins have no connection with its real identity, but now they can get multiple identities.

Bitcoin mixer helps your hide their originality and the origin of the currency.

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