How and where to buy a server?

Computer servers are the key components of any company’s infrastructure. Let it be a private intranet to a corporate public facing internet you need the best servers to power up your sites and services. Servers were initially very pricey so many startups were literally scared to go for them. Now as hardware industry has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last decade the prices are more than 90% cheap with better configurations. Sounds pretty exciting isn’t! If you have made up your mind to buy and setup a computer server then the following points will surely help you in understanding servers and making the right choice in purchase of servers.

Brands of Server
Well we all know brands do matter for any purchase and when it comes to server they do matter the most. The best server brands like Dell are pretty sturdy and rock solid when it comes to performance and support. They may be slightly pricey but once you opt for them you will feel the difference in the experience. You really don’t want to end up with a server which runs into issues every now and then.

Online or Offline Purchase
When you get all things in the world online why not a cheap managed dedicated server?Yes, you are spot on. You do get a cheap managed dedicated server very easily in online sites. But think twice before going for a cheap managed dedicated server. Their sole purpose is to serve very basic functionality with limitations. You really can’t expect a thundering performance from cheap managed dedicated servers. So if you really want to have a high performing server buy it from big brands through their sales channel. Am sure with right moves you will get the needed discount that you feel will fuel your decision to opt for offline purchase options.

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