Matched betting work by using the free bets and bonuses offered by online bookmakers to make guaranteed profits.Quite simply, with no absolutely free cash offers, matched betting simply would not exist.Unlike conventional gaming, profit accumulator matched betting carry’s no danger since when you put a matched bet, you gamble on all results in the betting event.This permits the matched bettor to get the bonuses from online bookmakers with no danger involved and then convert the very same bonuses to ensured profit on their following stakes.

In order for matched betting to work, you have to put two types of bets, a BACK bet and a LAY bet and you’ll put these two in every matched bet you set.

BACK Bet (Betting for a consequence)

This is your regular sort of bet, when you bet FOR something to happen, England to win a soccer game, a horse to win a race, Andy Murray to win Wimbledon.In case the outcome happens i.e. England win, you win your bet; if it is a draw or another group wins you lose your bet.Back stakes are put with conventional high street bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill etc., and all of which naturally are currently online and supplying you free stakes.

LAY Bet (Betting Against a consequence)

This is the contrary to some BACK bet, when you gamble for something NOT to happen, England to not win a soccer game, a horse to not win a race, Andy Murray to not win Wimbledon.If the outcome does not happen i.e. it is a draw or England lose, you win your bet, (the tug is coated aswell because you’re betting AGAINST England winning), even if England do win you lose your bet.LAY stakes are put with Betting Exchanges such as Betfair, Betdaq, MatchBook etc.; you might have seen these advertised on TV.

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