One of the transformations that was brought to the jogo do bicho was the direct linking of the animals to numbers as the population of people playing it started increasing. This was as a result of taking the game beyond the environment of the zoological garden. Agents started taking the sales of tickets to the streets as well as bookmakers. They soon realized that giving each animal a particular number would better help people in jogo do bicho Predictions (palpites do jogo do bicho) and later the animals were divided into groups making betting to be very easy. This whole process made people outside the zoo to bet conveniently without even visiting the zoo for the result.

The bookmakers were the pioneer of the game expansion and popularity. Clients trust their words and advice the give even with results of deu no poste. Bookmakers were known to keep to their words regarding games played by clients as they also reward clients for their honesty and loyalty to rules and regulation of the game. The spread and wide coverage of the game soon took over the country. The game has become the subject of discussion in an academic environment, magazines, and newspapers.

The media and other organizations have also given the game wide publication. The game has a list of words used in playing the game. The vocabulary includes premio, which means results of the game, which is also termed jogo do bicho result (resultado do jogo do bicho). There are so many other words used to denote the place where the game is played, the bookmaker, the game financier and winning the first price. Information on How to Play the jogo do bicho (como jogar no bicho) is available online and can be learned from people as well who are experienced to give you a guide as you start and perfect the art of playing the game.

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