How to choose the best milling machine (Fresadora) for you

Using the right milling machine (fresadora) to make the right cuts on your wood is very important. Because there are a number of factors you must consider when choosing your milling machine based on the kind of wood you would be cutting. For instance if it is a hard wood, it would require some certain specifications for your milling machine and same if it is a soft wood. When choosing a milling machine you would need to bear in mind the kind of work you would mostly engage in, if it would require the kind of attributes that the milling machine would posses.

For instance most hard wood would mostly require milling machine (Fresadora) with higher power, a higher power range from 1000-1200 is mostly required and due to the face that a higher power would often mean a much faster working router and therefore a more expensive type of machine. This is why there is a need to test your needs first for your machine to know the kind of power that you can work with, it would be pointless buying a machine that has a higher power and wood that you need to cut does not require such power, it would mostly be inconsequential.

Another Factor that you should consider is your working space, whether you are carrying out carpentry from your garage or it is a do it yourself task, or you have and expert shop, this largely affects the choice of your milling machine (Fresadora) , there are some of these machines that accommodate accessories which can be a bit more of a cost for you. These accessories includes a guide, that helps your maintain a fixed position whether curved or straight. Another accessory is a nozzle that connects to a vacuum that helps you take all the dust generated and as such it does not leave any deposit on the floor. Depending on your place of work, you might also have needs for these accessories.

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