Termites are insects which cause great harm to property. Wooden stuff, be it the wooden structure or your furniture where your house is built is equally exposed to termite attacks. Termites belong to the order ‘Isoptera’. They’re also called white ant because of their similarity to ants in several regards. They have chewing mouthparts. Termites feed on wood, which can be converted to cellulose in their body.

The cellulose is converted by the protozoa residing in the digestive tract of the termite into sugars that are various. There are at least 2000 distinct species of termites. They live in colonies that might appear as a pile. Occasionally these knolls may reach up to a height of 40ft. Termites are social insects and live in large colonies or nests. The greatest person in the colony is the queen. Eggs are laid by the queen. Occasionally she may lay thousand eggs in one day. A king is obviously present close to the queen.

Other members of the colony have strong jaws as well as a bulb like head that sprays liquids. These members are called soldiers. The biggest group which exists in the colony is the workers group. They collect food, construct the nest and spend long hours serving the queen. Workers may be either female or male. Kings and Queens can endure for decades and individual workers can live for quite some time.

So the existence of mud tubes close to your home is the primary indication of termites live in mud tubes. Begin to Check Website if you’re in areas where wood meets with soil. They favor damp wood that is most apt to show up close to the base of your house and feed on wood.

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