How to give adult massage to a woman

Before giving sensual massage to a woman, it is important to understand that women are mostly aroused in different ways unlike men. In addition, it takes more time to fully understand how a woman wants to be stimulated and touched. The benefit of adult massage london is that it deepens a person’s understanding of his/her partner’s responses to sensual stimulation. This can help one appreciate what a woman really desires and needs in the massage… and when. In essence, both men and women share several erogenous zones. But when it comes to a female partner, there are certain areas to focus on in order to delight and arouse her.

The first area is the neck. Nibbling and stroking this area, especially on the sides of her neck, makes her feel more erotic. The second area is the lips. The lips are among highly sensitive areas of the body. This area responds well when a woman is gently being stroked using fingertips. The lips can also respond positively when the woman is kissed in different ways. When offering tantric massage london to a woman, pay more attention to her waist. This is also a sensitive area on part of her body and when massaging her, the kneading technique will do wonders. Kneading can be done using both hands or stroking the waist using fingertips.

The arms are another area most people forget when giving adult massage to a woman. When massaging a woman, use the tips of the fingers and gently stroke inside the lower arms. This usually produces a wonderful sensation. The winks london massage parlor also ensures that a woman’s hands are massaged. In this case, the palms of her hands are stroked lightly and her fingertips sucked gently for an erotic feeling. The breasts are also a sensitive area and these should be touched and caressed. Once she is completely aroused, the next part should be the nipples. click here to get more information nyc erotic massage.

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