How to improve the performance of the system and compressed memory of your pc

The proper functioning of the system and compressed memory of a computer is vital for the optimal development of its tasks and processes by virtue of it being responsible for the administration of RAM and the compression of folders and files. When it slows down, it is usually because the hard disk space is being (badly) used 100%.

When the system and compressed memory high disk usage, it is generally due to two main reasons, the first is a problem with the system and compressed memory as such and the second is an error in the configuration of virtual memory in which the size of the paging file has been changed. This problem can be solved without too many inconveniences, that’s why we present the following solutions:

1. Adjust the performance of the virtual memory by setting the default automatic configuration by Windows, accessing the Start Menu, option “configuration” and then “performance”.
2. In Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler option, click on Microsoft, then on Windows and finally deactivate the “RunFullMemoryDiagnosticEntry” task.
3. Disable the “Superfetch” service using the service manager or the registry editor.
4. Deactivate the Speech Runtime by opening the task manager, then clicking on processes and finally “deactivating”.
5. Improve the performance of the visual effects of the computer by accessing “settings” in the advanced options of the WinX menu.
6. Check that the RAM is not defective. If it is, you will need to acquire a new one. Sometimes, it may be only one of the RAM bars that is damaged, if it is the case, replace only that and then check if the problem has been solved.
7. In some cases, due to frequent Windows update processes, the administrator may run incorrectly. Therefore, you must verify and check that you are not generating error codes.

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