How to Modify Your Brake Pads

Do-it-yourself and save Cash! Save cash by doing-it-yourself. However you state it, it could really accumulate. I like the word so far I believe I will make it my new mantra. Perhaps you should also. I have literally saved thousands of dollars by doing my personal vehicle repairs. Among the coolest DIY jobs that you can do will be performing your brake project.

This job is relatively easy when compared to alternative repairs however there are a number of steps involved and they need to be followed closely. We are going to split it down in to 3 parts; (1) eliminating the patin de frein solex (Brake pad solex), (1a) replacing and removing the rotors (brake disks)( and also (2)) reinstalling the brake pads. If you are only replacing your brake pads, then jump 1a and leap to component 2 after finishing part 1.

I must mention that we are talking disc brakes only. Disc brakes will be located on front wheels just or both front and back. Some vehicles have rolled brakes on the back wheels and the process of replacing them will be slightly different. Are you prepared? OK, let us begin.

Altering the brake pads
First, decide if your planning to replace the Brake pad solex in all four wheels or even only two. You will replace the seams in pairs, either front wheels or back wheels. For a comprehensive job and greatest outcome, do all four wheels. If your budget or time limits will not allow it, then do front or back. The leading wheel brake calipers, pads, and rotors are bigger than those over the back and price a bit more. The processes for both are essentially the same.

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