With the ability to hack Facebook account not being a big deal, users are often scared about what may happen to their accounts. However, if they actually take important precautions they can avoid users from hacking their Facebook account. Following are some of the ways one can prevent people from hacking Facebook account:

1. To avoid hacking via keyloggers one can use firewalls as they have the ability to catch any abnormal activity such as sending of your information via the internet and stop it in its tracks. Another essential trick is that of the password manager as it helps save your passwords, which do not require you to type your password, and thus beats the keyloggers.
2. Being aware definitely helps to avoid phishing attacks. People use Phishing method to crack Facebook password by sending a malicious link on forums, email or chat box, which if clicked on will require you to type your login information. Avoiding clicking on any such link beats the purpose of Phishing and keeps you safe from malicious activities.
3. Enabling proper security measures on Facebook is one of the key ways to avoid hacking of Facebook account via cookies stealing. You can enable security browsing that is HTTPS browsing instead of HTTP browsing which is more prone to attacks and hacks.
4. One of the basic ways to avoid hacking is to log out from Facebook once you are done. Most of the people have the habit of just closing the browser without logging out, failing to realize that it is only their luck that they are able to open the account again as not logging out makes it easy for hacking.
5. Change password frequently.
There are several other methods such as using VPN, SSL etc. that avoids the hackers to hack Facebook account.
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