How to reset centurylink router within 10 seconds?

Firstly, we have to know what is router; router is an electronic device or software on the computer. With the help of this device, we can easily use internet and use internet high speed. So many people think that how the router works. In addition, when we use router in our daily life we also think that how to reset centurylink router? These two questions are very popular in these days do not worry you will get the process of how to router works and how to rest password of router.

Work of router-
A router has the ability to create or maintain a particular table or way of the available routes. They work from particular place, but it gives a high range of network and also travels with a huge number of networks points. This device is mainly located at the boundary, which helps to connect to many other devices.
• USB-ports-0
• ETH-5 100mbps ports
• WAN- none
• WIFI- 400 Mbps bgn
• WIFI- 2.5 GHz

System specs-
• Customer firmware- none
• RAM- 65 Mib
• FLASH- 126 Mib
• Cpu- n\a
Reset centurylink router password-
Firstly, you have to switch the router plugged and then turn it on. After this process, on the back side of the router, there is one reset button are located which is clearly marked with reset name, and there is also one hole is located with the help of any sharp pen or any pin press, and then you have to hole the reset button only for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the SYS light start to blink, if a sys light does not start after 10 seconds do not panic and keep holding the reset button and then turn off the modem and unplug all the wires. After 20 seconds restart, your modem and you can see the light stops blinking. The problem of How to reset centurylink router is solved in 10 seconds.  

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