This article will introduce you to buying tips that you can use when you are out shopping for the best baby crib mattress out there. You can do it online as well.
First, let’s introduce you to innerspring mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are mattresses that use springs in their construction. You must look for spring count. The more springs used, the longer your mattress is going to last, offering the same level of comfort that it did when you first bought it home from the store. The only drawback with innerspring mattresses is that the borders usually don’t have springs that can make them a little susceptible at the edges. But this can be overcome by buying separate border attachments that are sold for innerspring mattresses.
The next type of mattresses that you can consider are foam mattresses. Look only for high-density foam as low density foam can fall apart after just a few months. Low density foam mattress also use materials that are slightly toxic. The big advantage with foam mattresses are that they are super light. So, if you are the type that cleans your baby’s crib very often, taking out the mattress for a thorough clean, you will love how easily you can remove the mattress with just one hand.
Whichever mattress you choose, please ensure that you get a washable outer cover. The cover should also be waterproof, not allowing liquids to seep into the mattress. Typically, you should be able to wipe off a mattress with just a wet sponge.
It also makes sense to buy a mattress that has certifications like the Greenguard gold certification. This certification will tell you that the mattress uses natural materials with extremely little or no traces of toxic materials. Some of these mattresses will even be food grade safe materials, meaning that they are safe enough to be used in the food industry. Obviously, they will be safe for your baby as well.

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