Most silk painting artists and hobby-craft men and women are continuously on the lookout for new methods to show the work of art they produce. I often get asked if I’ve some hints regarding what they can do. And the response is yes. I will share with you on this informative article the way to stretch your cotton painting on Canvas Frames at a wonderful straight forward procedure. So let us begin.

You will need to get yourself a chunky artist canvas at the size you’d love to get the painting attached. Important to notice is the part of silk you’re planning to stretch above it needs to be at least 15cm broader and 15cm heavier. What’s that? Since, you may want the additional cloth to wrap around the surfaces of the frame.

So let us begin with the procedure.
Step 1: find a clear working area to get this done. Put your canvas frame to the table facing you and then carefully lay the silk onto the top.
Step 2: Always transfer the silk about until it’s just centered in addition to the canvas frame. Take care to do so as the more precise you’re, the better your last result is.
Step 3: Fold on the silk across the bottom and top and place a couple of pins instead of hold the silk securely.
Step 4: Always flip your frame around another way, together with the bottom displaying up. Today you can make certain your art is fine and centered.
Step 5: Beginning with all the side facing you, then begin to staple the silk set about the Canvas Frames. Do the middle of the bottom and then the top and swivel your frame about and do right and left.

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