Minecraft is exactly what some describe as 8-bit Lego. A sandbox game which centers around putting blocks and constructing constructions that are fantastic, all of the while hoping to escape Skeletons, Zombies and other critters.

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This guide will cover:
Getting the Minecraft software.
Connecting to a host.
Modifying your waiter.
Step 1 — Getting the Program
Assuming you’re running a version of Microsoft Windows, then you’ll have to click on ‘Minecraft.exe’. télécharger minecraft (download minecraft) to download but you’ll have to have bought the game to connect to servers.

When the program has downloaded, run the executable and the game will start. You might find it helpful to set a shortcut to the desktop computer (if it’s not already) or perhaps on the ‘Quick Launch’ pub. This is entirely your decision.

Step 2 – Connecting to a Server
When you begin Minecraft and have logged in with your username and password, then the following window will appear:
Right now you aren’t connected to a host, so let us do this today.
Click on Multiplayer and select Add server. Doing so will add your server to the in game browser so that you can link quickly. From the ‘Server Name’ box enter a name for the host you would like to join to. From the ‘Server address’ box enter the IP address of this server (like the interface). When you’re completed, clickDone.
Now, just double click on your server name to link.

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