Learn methods to check pregnancy for free

Nowadays doctor visit is getting quite costly. Other than that if any medical test comes then the expense will rise. When we talk about pregnancy then there are numbers of test. Initially to check pregnancy confirmation we need to go to gynaecologist and undergo with some tests which is quite difficult for low income families.

Now you can easily do free pregnancy test just using some home remedies. Pregnant lady can also check out free baby stuff for low income families. So have a look on below homemade pregnancy tests for free that surely gives you correct result.
Toothpaste is commonly used in every house. To control your expense, you can conduct pregnancy test mixing your urine with toothpaste in a bowl. Let it mix properly and wait for result. If the color changes into blue color, then the result will be positive and you are expected.
To conduct free pregnancy test at your home you can use vinegar. Vinegar is used in every home in daily routine. To get your pregnancy result mix small amount of your urine with vinegar in a small container then some bubble will come out. To get positive result check out its color. If color turns then congratulations!
Sugar test
Sugar is the most common substance found in every home. Sugar is a dissolving substance so add some urine in sugar and if sugar does not dissolve then you are expected to be mother.
Soap test
To conduct pregnancy test with soap take a small piece of dry soap and drop few drops of urine on it. If it creates froth foam then the result is positive. Other then it if it creates bubbles then also you will found positive result.
These are few ways to get free baby stuff for low income families. Now conduct pregnancy test online.

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