This Legacy of Discord Hack guide can help you discover the way to fortify your character. In another section of the guide you’ll find out where to get most of those items you have to download the character. Well, love!

Legacy of Discord Guide: Principles
Since you may have seen, the strength of the character is determined by the BR (battle evaluation), which will be set with a variety of different elements, including pumping abilities, clothes, and so on. So, to increase its strengthening the battle evaluation of the character and, therefore, it is required to enhance those variables on which this evaluation depends.

From this we are able to reason that the character having an increased BR than you will be more successful in a duel against your hero. Obviously, this rule doesn’t apply 99% precise, although 100%. Well, now let us look at how, in fact, it is possible to get the strengthening of the character.

First few strokes
Well, we will begin in the underside in the left border of the menu and open a window with information about your character. Click the Adv. At which it is possible to raise the position of the character tablature. To get this done you’ll need Adv. Ele and Adv. Stone, which may be acquired in the Legacy of Discord Hack. For pumping, just select the “Rapid Advance” button.

Additionally, you are able to pay attention to several buttons found close to the picture of your character. Specifically, we’re interested in the buttons “Artifact” and “Costume.” Artifacts can be activated by you when you meet specific requirements, in particular for the presence of pets and clothes. It’s possible for you to observe that I never have yet met the demands necessary for the fifth artifact. So, activation of the artifact already provides a real boost in strength. On the other hand, the artifacts additionally need to be pumped through specific things made in such lairs as Scenario and World Manager.

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