Let’s have a look at Super Mario 64 game play

Are you a fan of Super Mario 64 game? If yes, then you might be familiar with the today’s generation Mario. Now it is available in the form of the new face. Players can have a great fun now when they play this game online. For playing game players don’t need to go to the video player. In their Smartphone also a player can play this game with ease. And for this, they only have to find a reliable site and install the game on their phone that’s it. With this feature, a player can play their Mario game at any time and at anywhere without any trouble.

At present, the players can control Mario in any kind of open environment; they had a wide varying in size, complexity which is ranging from small to large rooms. In the game for making progress, a player has to collect the stars which are also known as power. For gaining these stars a player has to complete the missions or tasks by defeating the enemies’ team. Beside this, a player can also earn this power star by completing the puzzles in the game, besting the NPC in the game of friendly competition or by collecting a right set of amount of different items.
In the game, there are 120 power stars among which a player only had to collect 70 but that is also in order for completing the game. These power stars get slit among the nine secret courses, fifteen main courses, and other objectives.

In the game you will get huge levels and every level contains some hidden power stars that means at each level you are getting chance to enhance your gaming section and by this, you can win your game soon. So, this time play your Super Mario game 64 with focus, this time you will get something great to increase your gaming interest more.