More about Homestays in Malaysia

You can have an experience of homestay in traditional village of Malaysia. It is the easiest and fastest way to know more about the real place Melaka. The first thing you may notice in Malaysian villages are everything moves very slowing than cities and those who want to enjoy quiet and calm atmosphere away from rustic life, homestay Melaka is the best choice. The guests of homestay are not only going to get into the lifestyle of locals but they can easily establish good bonding with those warm welcoming families by treating as their own.

The visitors get full experience of spectrum of villagers’ life. It starts with home cooking sessions where a wide variety and lavishness of difficulty prepared dishes are sometime enough for confusing many people. You can learn how they prepare food like gathering fresh vegetable from their backyards, washing them and cooking it.
You will also get an opportunity to harvest fresh fruits that are seasonal or try your luck by plucking coconuts from palm trees that are 30 to 40ft up the ground by climbing on bamboo poles. Spend some time with kids out there when they come back from school and participate in traditional games which is very popular there such as top spinning, kite flying and congkak. If you are not interested in those games, you can explore the surrounding like fishing on riverside or indulge in farming. During evening you can enjoy their cultural dance, musical performance and even mock-wedding all which encourage you to participate in it.

So explore the charm of traditions of Homestay in Melaka Homestay di Melaka that are preserved for long period of ages. When you return back home take those memories of culture that your experienced and enjoyed along with friendship of family to welcome you back when you come again Malaysia.

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