Now maintain the same high status with replica watches

You must be feeling low by seeing others who are wearing stylish watches of branded company. You will get almost the same look and design and also the same high status with the help of replica watches. These replicas are not the original one. They are almost identical in looks but the lifespan and working features will vary.
Don’t get confused between replica and Grey market. Grey market doesn’t deal with fake watches. It sells the authentic watches which are sold outside of the authorized dealer. The watches may be sold from any authorized retailer or may be a used one. They are not supposed to be a brand new always. Grey market won’t provide you any warranty card for that particular product. But you can be assured that the product you are buying is not replica.

You may be surprised by knowing that the watch makers don’t have copyright protection for their design of the watches. But they can protect their products which are functional by patent law. The brand can protect their logo and names which cannot be copied. But the replica watches are copying the brand names and logos illegally like they are giving their watches the logo of the brand say Rolex for their watches but they are actually nothing but the Rolex replicas.
Homage is the legal version of duplicate watch. There are many small communities and forums through internet which are dedicated to reviewing, discussing and producing homage watches. But they don’t reproduce the protected names and logos.
In recent days the cops are highly active to catch and seize the replica watches. Few days ago police seized thousands of Swiss replica Watch through their raids on all the shops of emirates and around. The street value of those watches is near about 4.5 million dirham’s.

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