In most countries, such as the third world countrieswater sanitation and hygienepose a health challenge.Hence, hygiene and sanitation need to receive attention and be prioritized on international development agenda. Hygiene behavior is found to be absent in most of the underdeveloped countries giving rise to feco-oral infections. Even if the original source of water is safe, it is vital to observe hygienic methods to store water at home. You will find in some countries they do not have the required hygiene facilities when it concerns toilets. Most important is hand hygiene practices. There are a number of international development programs that have been taking keen interest in tackling the aspects of sanitation and hygiene in poorer countries. The reason for international intervention in this regard is to combat disease and help people lead a healthier life.

Poor hygiene and sanitation can lead to not only health issues, but can prove to be a total economic loss for that country rendering in it staying poor. Inadequate water sanitation and hygiene can lead to water-related diseases and deaths, especially among women and, children under the age of five. Even a simple habit of appropriate washing hands can go a long way towards preventing diseases. It is a must to create sanitation and hygiene awareness in order to prevent diseases. There are programs with different levels of activities carried out to be effective in this regard. Observing sanitation means it is a hygienic mode in preventing human contact from the dangers of wastes and thus promoting good health. Wastes such as human and animal feces, domestic wastewater, solid wastes, agricultural and industrial waste pose huge health problems. Via hygienic means, using engineering solutions, simple technologies and observing personal hygiene practice you can prevent diseases. At the same time, you will have to observe ecological, environmental, food, on-site and basic sanitation. Thus, nowadays the need for appropriate sanitation and hygiene and the implementation in executing the means is felt most to combat diseases to promote safe, clean and hygienic environment.

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