Our X4 Labs Penis Extender Experience

After 3 months time, Mark had gained 1.25 inches more in flaccid penis length and 1.75 inches in erect penis length. He was half an inch wider in penis girth as well. Now, we wanted to add one of the extension pieces to the X4 Extender in order to continue Mark’s treatment. One point we’d like to make here is that unlike many other penis extenders and penis enhancers packages we had reviewed earlier, the X4 Extender package came with several spare parts, accessories and upgrades (including half-inch extension bars), along with a detailed instruction manual. The Deluxe kit that we bought was available exclusively with X4 Labs™ and was the only one that included one third and half inch bars.

Does use of X4 Labs Extender really leads to increase in penis size? What’s the science behind it?

Well, from our experience stated above, obviously YES! Regular use of X4 Labs Extender does result in successful penis enlargement. We dug into the facts and learned how Mark successfully underwent Penis Enlargement. The X4 Labs penis extender device utilizes the male human body’s natural ability to regenerate upon application of gentle force on the penis’s surface. The regeneration of cells leads to cellular division, thereby resulting in gradual enlargement of the penile shaft from outside as well as within. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

Some Facts We Got to Know About X4 Labs Extender

The X4 Labs Extender has been the number one penis extender in the medical penis enlargement devices and penis enhancers industry for a period of last 10 years. It is a male enhancement penis extender that is widely used by men all over the world for both penis stretching as well as for correction of certain penile disorders.
We learned that X4 Labs Extender is a medical device that has been engineered to provide non-surgical and non-invasive means of natural penis enlargement. It is carried out recently testifies to the fact that an effective penis extender device is capable of enhancing the penis size significantly. It can also correct penis curvature up to around 90%. We also found that X4 Labs Penis Extender is in fact regularly recommended by leading doctors (all over the world, including US, UK, Canada, and Russia) as an excellent means of penile augmentation for their patients.
The X4 Labs Penis Extender device has obtained medical certification and has been approved by renowned doctors as well.

Is X4 Labs Penis Extender the Best Penis Extender?

Penile Enhancers market is full of big brand names, each one of which claims to be the best. We have scouted all of the online and offline sources to figure out differences between them and pick out the winner. Honestly, this wasn’t an easy task.
Apart from other factors like brands, bonus items, prices, all penis extenders basically differ only in one important aspect – the fixation method. That is all. However, trust us – this is the most significant detail that every penis extender buyer must look at carefully.