Pastel Fox tail plug

How much fun do you want to put in your pet play this season. Filling your sexual fantasies with color is what the pastel fox tail butt plug is all about. IT would not only give you sweet sensations but it would also make you look good and sexy for your master. Any master that has a pet he like looking pretty for the eyes should definitely go with the pastel fox tail plug. If you also want to act like a smart cat, who prefers getting smacked for disobeying orders, then be rest assured the pastel fox tail plug would suite your needs perfectly. If you ever thought of getting fully dressed for your master and leaving out a place where you want your tail to sway gently as you move along, you should definitely try the pastel fox tail plug.

Pastel fox pig tail butt plug comes in different colors and sizes; it is stuffed with fur colored in pink, blue gold, red, white and all other colors. If you want to do something crazy in groupies, I would recommend the pastel fox tail butt plug. The pastel fox tail butt plugs are made with stainless steel and the butt plugs rage form size to size. If you want to play, you should definitely play with that fox girl.
This butt plug is made of stainless steel that is very cool on the butt hole sending cool sexy shivers down your spine whenever you move. It balances just in place once you fit it in the butt hole and gets you all horned up to obey a masters wishes once he asks. This butt plug can also be easily matched with a pet play gear; you can get them in matching colors that would spice up your whole affair.