With mobile phones being used for all personal as well as professional messages and increasing scare of hackers and global terrorism, security of all data transmitted on mobile phones is must. Using pgp encrypted on Blackberry devices is one such security measure. PGP stands for pretty good privacy and encrypts messages before sending them. The encryption key is also sent but only the intended user with his private decryption key can decrypt those messages. Modern technological advancements mean digital signatures are also added as an additional security layer. Services such as phantom secure provide these PGP encryption services on your blackberry device or devices bough from them. These use 256 bit encryption and with unlimited international mail facility which ensures that all your communications are totally safe and anonymous.

You can either get your Blackberry encrypted or you can place group orders for corporate clients. The prices depend on whether you are using your own device or buying it from them. The performance is satisfactory without a single instance of security breach. More importantly, even if someone steals your encrypted blackberry, all data on your phone will still be safe and if you want all the e mail messages can be deleted remotely from your blackberry. The service can be easily reactivated in case of loss of device by theft. What makes the service even more reliable is that no data is stored on any server.

Now you can communicate securely on your blackberry devices without fearing for it being hacked or intercepted by anyone. Premium PGP encryption services ensure all of the above along with international mail support.

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