Social hotspot are connecting mass to single server

Contribution of Facebook
One might be aware of the fact that the Facebook is providing for the users around the world. The latest implementation that the Facebook is providing for the users is through the Facebook like wifi. The benefitsof recent introductionare providing for the users around the world have led to the better popularity of this particular social networking sites.

• The Facebook has made a great move to which it can lead to better business. The decision has allowed the users to have the Wi-Fi access and thereby they can only use the Facebook. All other browsing services are prevented or blocked.
• By accessing into the Wi-Fi enabled by the Facebook, one can have the location checked by these particular social networking sites, but the data will not be allowed to have the marketing services.
• Through the implementation, the Facebook has actually allowed the user to have better access to the Facebook resulting in better marketing for these particular social networking sites.
This service is possible because of the wifi marketing that the companies or the sites are developing for themselves through the secure server.

How does wifi marketing works?
• Firstof all,the purpose of running the script is to set up a business with some effective marketing plans.
• Then this plan is executed by using some attraction that can draw a wide range of people from several parts of the world.
• Now through the business certain specifications are made and to fulfil the specifications some charges are made which can be for the users and also for the companies who are having their tie-up.
• Thus the plans have actually reduced the cost of advertisements and have attracted a large number of people.
Therefore the introductions of the social hotspot have been widely effective for connecting number of users.

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