A stretcher bar is a frame which is rationally used by the artist to mount their canvas. It is a wooden framework which supports the artist’s canvas. A stretcher bar can be constructed in the variety of ways depending on the choice of artists work. It is usually in the shape of rectangle or canvas stretcher frame. The stretcher bar can be differentiated into varieties depending on how the corners are built. Pre- fabricated stretchers or canvas stretcher frames comes in the segment with interlocking corners, which can be fitted together with puzzled pieces. Corner supports can also be made by using wooden working techniques. When fastening the canvas by an artist, the pressure should be distributed evenly across the stretcher to minimize wrapping due to an uneven distribution by the pull.

Unlike the other stretcher frames, Canvas Stretcher Bars Joins and is not glued or fastens permanently. This allows canvas to get relaxed over time, which gives it a natural tendency to sag and stretch over time. In contrast, Canvas stretcher frame can be fixed in an adjustable way.

The use of canvas stretcher bars and canvas stretcher frames in the printing market is increasing prominently with inkjet printing. Canvas printing is becoming popular in the home also. Many artist use pre stretched canvases and blank canvases in the art business, photographer use stretcher bars for the reproduction of photographic prints and for framing wedding photography. Stretcher bars and Canvas stretcher frames are extensively used in theatrical production to frame material backdrops.

Which design to choose for stretcher bar?

A stretcher bar should be slightly rounded. It has two main advantages:

1. It allows the Framer to obtain clear edges on images, which has precise boarders and

2. It allows the canvas to roll rather than to tear on a sharp edge, which is a major cause of canvas breaking.

Stretcher bars are extensively used by the artist as it is very affordable and makes the work of an artist easy and helps them to obtain the desired object in the market of printing.

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