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Bongs are excellent; cleaning them, not much. Rather than cleaning a classic one, some people with increased cash than patience will go up to now as to buy a brand new bong. Most cannabis consumers will not take matters quite to that extent, but the fact of the matter is that there is some truth to the filthy-bong-on-the-coffee table stereotype: after all, depending on your methodology, removing resin from water pipes can range from inconvenient to hopeless.

Luckily, this does not have to be a chore. Having the right cleaning products and a couple of preventative steps, crystal clear glass could possibly function as the standard for your bongs and bubblers. This guide can help you learn on How to clean a bong; under, you will understand common glass criticisms that could readily be prevented.

Step By Step Guide to Cleaning a Water Pipe
Pour the filthy water out and flush the inside of bubbler or the bong with warm, clean water. Empty the water out.

Pour in your bong. There are several different cleaning solutions available, including salt and isopropyl alcohol, but we favor a solution designed especially for cleaning resin out of pipes, such as Kryptonite.

Cover the openings of bubbler or the bong. You have the ability to use paper towels or your hands, but products designed particularly for water pipes, such as Resolution silicone cleaning caps, function best.

Shake the bong vigorously until all of the resin is taken out of floating and the glass in the cleaning solution. Letting the solution soak for a little while first can help loosen up the resin, but you do not always have to wait.

At times you’ll get a place or two which might be specially tenacious. To get away these areas, attempt a pipe brush. Attempt a Bong Buddy in the event that you can not achieve them with a pipe brush.

Pour out and rinset he interior of the bong with hot water. In case your glass appears filmy or fuzzy on the interior, wash it one more time having just a little fresh cleaning solution, then rinse once more with hot water.

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