The most frequent scenarios in the erotic short stories

Eroticism is one of the most difficult and interesting genres to carry in terms of literature, especially if it is erotic stories of a few lines and with an argument that must be developed quickly, dynamically and without forcing situations.

In that sense, both writers and readers find a particular pleasure with these stories. The pleasure that does not have to be from the sexual plane in all cases

The truth is that in the erotic short stories the stimulation enters through the eyes and ends in the brain; that is why it is very important for the writer to pay attention to the descriptions, the characters and the environments he describes, as well as the erotic practices he details, since not all of them are fans of the same narrative style.

In Erotic Stories Rock, a website for sharing and reading erotic stories, the most enjoyed format is the short story. However, there are also stories dedicated to exhibitionism, fantasy and science fiction for the well-known and praised fan fictions; that is to say, histories written by fanatics of some saga, series of television or film in particular.

The most common is to run into stories of conventional sex but in situations a bit unlikely, starring strangers who, sometimes, do not bear any name.

On the website of erotic stories on a daily basis, writers can share their stories, taking care, of course, to stay erotic without crossing the line of unpleasantness, or that may disturb a more demure public. While it is true that there are comfortable readers with erotic stories that leave things to the imagination

But also the stories published on the website share their own intrinsic language so that readers immediately associate it with the erotic practices that are going to be described here.

There are two that stand out: the “lima” stories, with a mild and pleasant erotic content, with moderate obscene language; and the “lemon” stories, with a more sensual description, more direct words and darker scenarios for those who enjoy these situations.